CSP - Kiosk

Expanding Horizons of CSC. It is well-known that CSCs throughout India offer public and private services right at the doorstep of the citizen. The CSC is an important element for the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) which was which was approved by the Government in May 2006 as part of the commitment made in the National Common Minimum Programme to establish e-Governance on a large scale.

The CSCs provides high-quality and cost-effective voice, video and data content as well as services in the fields of e-governanceand education as well as health, telemedicine and entertainment and many other services that are private. The most notable aspect of CSCs are that the company will provide online e-governance solutions for rural areas, which include applications, certificates, and utility payment options like water, electricity, and telephone bills, in addition to the issue of Pan Cards, IGNOU Exten Centre, Nielson Survey, online learning, etc.

Kiosk banking
What Services will CSP Kiosk banking provide?

Create a mini bank in your shop and offer basic banking services to your customers!! Kiosk Banking under the Ruler banking Authority BC model will provide real-time and user-friendly banking services for the customer within their local area. Kiosk Digital India BC has been an official Business Correspondent at the National level for the SBI/PNB/BOB/UBI/CBI/SBI under the Ruler Banking Authority ( Online CSP).

Benefits to your customers

A “No Frill” Account via KIOSK Banking Model General purpose Credit Card (GCC)/Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Terms Deposit/Recurring regular savings Bank Account loans against the term deposit receipt (TDR) or other requirements for setting up of CSC outlet. Size of Outlet : 150-200 square feet including a counter. Space sufficient to accommodate five to six customers at once. System configuration: PC with at least 20GB of internet connectivity via VSAT or broad band Intel base chip, or superior quality. A web camera. A standard printer/scanner/Finger print device Advantages to CSP KIOSK New Revenue Stream from Small-Banking Money Transfer Even, the existing customers can be your customer Increased